Pioneer intends to distribute fully franked dividends to shareholders each reporting period at a rate of 50% of profit after taxation, subject to the Directors reviewing and approving such payment in the context of the requirements of the business and appropriate regulations.

No assurances can be given by any person, including the directors, about the payment of any dividend and the level of franking on any such dividend in future periods.

Yes.  Pioneer has introduced a Dividend Reinvestment Plan as part of its capital management initiatives and as a shareholder service to those that wish to continue to invest in the company in an efficient manner.  Please see the Dividend Reinvestment Plan for further details.
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Dividend (cps)
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
1H n/a 1.75 3.60 4.22 6.62 4.31
2H 3.10 6.80 6.20 5.28 7.71
FY 3.10 8.55 9.80 9.50 14.33